Education is only ladder that leads towards success and makes a connection between dream and reality. Not only in Pakistan but also all over the world  students want to study abroad to avail quality of education as majority of Pakistani students want to study in Japan. It is truth acknowledged students show their interest to get Education in Japan by seeing its progress. Consultancy service  came on the surface as a Japanese study visa consultants in Lahore Pakistan with the grandeur aim to give the realistic touch of students`s dream to study in Japan.

Japanese education system

Japanese government and society take education seriously and the results and responses from the students out of the commitment are amazing.

  • Japanese Universities came among the top 100 Universities in all over the world and also the most attractive country for higher education for Asian Students.
  • The Japanese earned much more attraction of International students. They have their own computer labs, Scientific labs, research labs and professional teaching staff who guides to students both inwardly and outwardly.
  • They work on student’s extra activities along with their studies.  When international students go there they get chance to communicate and work on various thesis or mock projects with different students.
  • The other benefit that students acquire is that the subjects are being taught in English Language that will build students speaking capacity and provide extra grip in their field.
  • The tuition fees are about half of what they would be somewhere else and the cost of living is not that high, especially when you stay slightly out of the city centers.

International students life in Japanese Major City

Tokyo is quite affordable when compared to studying in the UK, Australia or elsewhere. Have a great experience while making friends for life.

  • Japanese students are very friendly towards international students and are proud of sharing their language and culture with international students. Be sure to join the extracurricular activities to bond with the Japanese students and share the same interests outside of class.
  • If we convert our mind towards economy of Japan, it would not be wrong to say that Japan is the second largest developed economy in the world, the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing country, and the largest electronics goods industry – so studying here will give you opportunities you would never have thought are there!
  • Japanese are known for their love of precision and creativity. Whether it is designing electronic goods or high-quality fashion, you will be learning from the best! Studying Japanese can show other future employers that you have determination, patience, multicultural perspective and like challenging yourself.

Culture of Japan that attracts international students

  • Japan has thousands of years of history which has been shaping their culture until today; study in Japan and to get experience of a whole new fascinating way of life! Combining traditions and modern technology is one of the uniqueness’s of Japan, especially seen in Japanese businesses too.
  • Dive into the diverse cuisine from Sushi to Ramen, from Soba to Tempura – a whole variety of unfamiliar delicious foods to try.
  • A good thing is that Japanese food is known to be very healthy and tasty food, whether it’s from the 5-star restaurant or from a table in an alleyway. Enjoy the Japanese taste, just steer away from blowfish unless you like to live on the edge!

Extra Curricular Activities

While studying in Japan, be sure to take part in Japanese martial arts, mostly offered at universities. Whether you want to learn Judo, Kendo, Kyudo or Karate there is a big variety to choose from at the world’s best universities.

Environment of Japan

  • Japan is one of the safest and most peaceful places to visit in the world! In addition, they have one of the world’s best healthcare systems with a very high life expectancy.
  • The streets are clean and easy transport systems help travel around the country conveniently. The public transport is more punctual than in any other country!
  • Explore Japan on your off days and visit the temples and shrines and experience the four seasons with breathtaking nature. There is always something different to see and do like
    • cherry blossoms in spring,
    • festivals and fireworks in summer,
    • hiking, and trekking with beautiful autumn scenery and a snow festival
    • skiing in winter!

Future of Students after Degree

The core questions students put forward are that what would they do after completing their education from Japan. Because they mostly return back to their home country due to patriotism and family ties. So here, we solve their questions by saying that there is a lot of reputation in Pakistan specially for those students who are foreign qualified and have foreign experience. As compare to Pakistan, Japan is the most developed country and spread its technology all over the world. When students finish their study abroad program and return home, they will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn.


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